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Home Cleaning Services

Short on time for cleaning? No worries! Let Kvadra Cleaning's expert technicians handle the dirty work, freeing up your time for more exciting activities than scrubbing toilets.

Standard Cleaning

Tailored for homes in good condition, our standard cleaning includes essential upkeep. For homes with build-up and grease, consider booking our deep cleaning service.

  • Studio$110.00+tax
  • 1 Bedroom$120.00+tax
  • 2 Bedrooms$130.00+tax
  • 3 Bedrooms$150.00+tax
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Deep Cleaning

This rate applies to homes not professionally cleaned within 30-60 days. For extreme build-up and grease, we offer special hoarding cleaning.

  • Studio$180.00+tax
  • 1 Bedroom$200.00+tax
  • 2 Bedrooms$230.00+tax
  • 3 Bedrooms$250.00+tax
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Move in/out

Our Move-In/Move-Out cleaning services ensure a spotless home for your transition. Please note, for optimal service delivery, the property must be empty.

  • Studio$240.00+tax
  • 1 Bedroom$280.00+tax
  • 2 Bedrooms$330.00+tax
  • 3 Bedrooms$380.00+tax
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Post-Renovation Cleaning service ensures your space shines anew. Please note that all construction work must be completed prior to our service for optimal results.

  • Studio $0.55/sq.ft/1 cleaner
  • 1 Bdr$0.55/sq.ft/2 cleaners
  • 2 Bdrs$0.55/sq.ft/2 cleaners
  • 3 Bdrs$0.55/sq.ft/3 cleaners
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Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood floors bring comfort, warmth, and visual delight to any space. However, they require routine maintenance to preserve their charm, ensuring years of elegance and comfort in every corner.

Screen and Recoat

If your hardwood floors show minor surface imperfections and scratches, our screen and re-coat service provides an effective solution for their restoration.

Cleaning and Buffing

Revitalize your hardwood floors with our gentle yet effective cleaning and buffing process. Will swiftly remove dirt and grime, bringing your floors back to their original luster.

Wax Removal

Store-bought cleaners can darken and dull your floors over time, leaving an unattractive residue. Wax removal service is perfect for those who want to eliminate

Why Choose Us?

Licensed and Insured Graphic

Licensed and Insured

You can relax knowing that you’ve hired licensed and insured professional cleaning services.

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Quality Products

We use quality cleaning products because we care about our technicians and your family!

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Trusted Pros

We thoroughly vet all of our cleaners, including identity checks and in-person interviews.

Clock Showing Time

Timely and Reliable

We value your time and deliver our services punctually and consistently, earning your trust.

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

Stripe ensures 100% secure online payments, safeguarding your private information.

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Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our ultimate goal, and we strive to exceed your expectations every time.

Every Clean Home is a Beacon of Joy!

Dive into a cleaner, brighter living space tailored to the New York City rhythm. Your home, our expertise.


Benefits Using a Professional House Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional house cleaning service in NYC is not just about maintaining a clean home, but also about enhancing the quality of life, improving health, and saving valuable time. Whether you're swamped with work, preparing for a special occasion, or just want to enjoy a spotless living space, there's a cleaning service ready to cater to your needs.

Saving Time:

In a bustling metropolis like New York, it's commonplace for residents to lead hectic lives filled with professional responsibilities, social engagements, and personal pursuits. Managing these demanding schedules can be overwhelming, leaving little time for essential chores. That's where Kvadra Cleaning Services in NYC can make all the difference. With our expert cleaners at your service, you can reclaim your time and return to a spotless home without the hassle. Learn more about how our cleaning services can help you regain control of your schedule.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Cleans in NYC

Weekly Cleans: Perfect for bustling households with children, pets, or frequent social gatherings. This schedule ensures that homes remain consistently fresh, offering peace of mind.

Bi-Weekly Cleans: A great fit for smaller families or couples. Striking a balance between maintaining a clean environment and being budget-friendly, bi-weekly cleans are a popular choice.

Monthly Cleans: For those who live minimally or travel frequently, a deep monthly cleaning rejuvenates the home, ensuring it's always welcoming upon return.

At Kvadra Cleaning Service, we adapt to the unique needs of every client. Whether you're seeking the consistency of a weekly clean or the transformative effect of a monthly one, our team is trained to deliver unparalleled results. Plus, our commitment to eco-friendly products means your home shines without impacting the environment.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning:

Maintaining a pristine living space isn't confined to a particular season; it's crucial year-round. At Kvadra Cleaning Services in NYC, we understand the significance of seasonal deep cleaning. Our professional cleaners are equipped to tackle those often-overlooked areas, leaving your space fresh and rejuvenated regardless of the time of year. Whether you're preparing for the vibrant blooms of spring or getting ready to cozy up for fall, our expert cleaning services ensure your home is always at its best.

Post-Renovation, Move-In, and Move-Out Cleaning in NYC:

After any home renovations or repairs, there's often dust and debris left behind. Professional cleaners have the tools and expertise to handle this kind of mess efficiently. Additionally, whether you're moving into a new home or preparing to move-out or move-in, our cleaning services can make the transition seamless. We ensure that your space is sparkling clean, whether you're starting fresh or bidding farewell to your old home.

Real Estate Showcasing:

If you're looking to sell or rent out your property, presentation is key. A spotless home can significantly increase its market value and appeal to potential buyers or tenants.

Health Concerns:

Ensuring a healthy living environment is paramount. Our Professional Home Cleaning Services in NYC goes beyond the aesthetics of cleanliness to address your well-being. Our periodic professional cleaning services offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Allergen Removal: Our thorough cleaning process effectively eliminates common allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen, creating an allergen-free haven in your home.
  • Mold and Bacteria Eradication: We target and eliminate mold and harmful bacteria, safeguarding your family from potential health hazards. Our meticulous cleaning practices help prevent mold growth in moisture-prone areas.
  • Respiratory Health Improvement: Cleaner air and surfaces contribute to improved respiratory health, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies. Breathe easier in a fresh, clean environment.
  • Enhanced Overall Well-being: A clean and healthy home positively impacts your overall well-being. With Kvadra Cleaning Services in NYC, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your living space is optimized for your health and comfort.

Invest in your health and well-being with our professional cleaning services. Learn more about how we can help you create a healthier living space by visiting health benefits page.

Pregnancy or Newborns:

Expectant or new parents might want a sterile environment for their newborn. Professionals can ensure that the home is free from harmful bacteria and is safe for the baby.

Elderly Assistance:

For seniors, maintaining a clean home can be a challenging task due to mobility or health issues. Maid services can provide regular assistance, ensuring a healthy living environment.

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