Standard Home Cleaning Service in NYC

General cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom(s).

$ 110 +tax
$ 120 +tax
1 Bdr
$ 135 +tax
2 Bdrs
$ 155 +tax
3 BDRs


  1. Floors vacuumed and moped
  2. Carpets edge vacuumed
  3. Baseboards hand wiped
  4. Window sills and moldings hand wiped
  5. Blinds dusted
  6. Furniture surfaces hand wiped
  7. Bed sheet change
  8. Change bedding if requested*
  9. Closet floors vacuumed
  10. Pictures and decorations dusted
  11. Doors spot cleaned
  12. Light fixtures dusted and wiped**
  13. Ceiling fans dusted**
  14. Doorknobs cleaned and disinfected
  15. Cobwebs removed
  16. Outlets and light switches hand wiped
  17. General dusting
** Only within reach with a 2 step ladder

Standard cleaning is a routine service designed for the consistent upkeep of a clean and organized home. This type of cleaning includes regular tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Its regularity ensures the continuous maintenance of a tidy and presentable living space. Recommended on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Deep cleaning goes beyond regular cleaning by addressing specific areas in-depth. This includes tasks such as cleaning inside the fridge, washing windows, heavy-duty scrubbing in the kitchen (removing grease and grime) and bathroom (remove stubborn soap scum and dirt), meticulous cleaning of tile grouts, and attention to baseboards for a comprehensive and thorough cleaning experience.

Deep cleaning is a meticulous and comprehensive cleaning process that requires additional time. Every home is unique, and there’s a common misconception that standard cleaning is sufficient because people believe their homes are already clean. However, this is often an illusion. If your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned in over 30 days, we highly recommend booking a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is specifically designed to focus on intricate details, providing a thorough foundation for a meticulously maintained space.

  • We charge extra for providing cleaning supplies – $15
  • If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner – $25 (Sebo E2 for big houses, Shark vacuums for apartments).
  • You can provide your own cleaning supplies, vacuum, and paper towels without incurring any additional charges.
Cleaning Products Uses for
Dr. Bronners Biodegradable Sal Suds Laminate, stone, countertops, etc
Cleaning Vinegar & Dawn, 0000 fine steel wool and Bio Clean Glass Sliding Doors & Shower doors for Soap Scum
Citrus Enzyme or Hydrogen Peroxide Pink / Orange Bacteria growth
Ecolab Neutral Cleaner Hardwood Floors
Bon Ami Sinks, Tubs and Rust Marks
Stainless Steel Cleaner Weimann Fridge, Dishwasher & Stove tops with stainless steel
Method Granite Cleaner Granite Countertops
Pledge Furniture
Microfiber Cloths General cleaning, dusting, wiping
Flat Mop, O-Cedar Mop Floors
Pumice Stone Toilets

NYC's Home Cleaning Service You Can Trust

For years, we’ve been dedicated to providing trustworthy standard home cleaning services in NYC, ensuring your living space remains fresh and welcoming. Whether you opt for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, we’re here to help you maintain a pristine environment effortlessly.

Our flexible Standard Home Cleaning Service packages in NYC are designed to seamlessly fit into your busy schedule. Regardless of your lifestyle or profession, you’ll reap immense benefits from our services.

Experience the difference with our Reliable Home Cleaning Services in NYC. Let us transform your living space into a naturally clean and comfortable sanctuary.

Contact us today to schedule your standard cleaning service and enjoy the convenience of a professionally cleaned home, naturally. 

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Making you happy is what drives us every day. We’re here to understand exactly what you need, whether you’re in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island City, or Manhattan. Our house cleaning services are all about tailoring to your unique preferences. We believe in our process so much that we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If there’s ever a missed spot or an area not meeting your expectations, just let us know. We’ll send someone over right away to make it right. Your smile is our ultimate goal. Get in touch with us today – your satisfaction is our success!
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