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We require that you “pick up” This will allow the cleaners easy access to the areas/surfaces to be cleaned: floors, countertops, table tops, etc. and removing dirty dishes from kitchen sinks (unless you would like to add dishes loaded at an additional cost)

  • We do not provide refunds. Our technicians are compensated for their hard work and time.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied, we guarantee our work and will come back to make it right. (See Guarantee) 
  • If you cancel before 48 hours, you will not be charged.
  • If you cancel after 48 hours of your booking, you will be charged a $65 cancellation charge to ensure that our technicians are compensated for their loss of work.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours, it is a non refundable full charge. 
  • If we arrive at your home and we are unable to access your home as instructed, we will make every effort to contact you and wait for 15 minutes. If we are still unable to access the property, we will process a non refundable full charge.
  • Organization or clutter clean up/ removal 
  • Cigarette smoke removal
  • Biohazardous materials
  • Pet waste clean up
  • Exterior home cleaning
  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Hardwood stripping or polishing, we only mop flooring
  • Window track cleaning due to possible damage under the track
  • Any areas higher than our technicians can reach safely

ABSOLUTELY! We love your fur babies. We do ask that if they have health conditions, are anxious or aggressive to please keep them in a safe space for their protection and for the protection of our technicians. We do not mind if your friendly pets roam the house although you MUST be aware that there are chemicals present and we are not liable for your pets getting into them although we do our best to avoid this. We do not feed, walk pets or let them out/in due to liability reasons. Pets tend to make messes wherever they go regardless if they shed or not, for this reason we do require a PET CLEANING add on. If we arrive and there is a pet we were not aware of, we reserve the right to add on Pet Cleaning at the time of service.  

We stand by our services and provide a 100% happiness guarantee meaning if you notice that we miss something on our checklist which is rare, notify us within 24 hours and we will come back out free of charge to make it right. The cleaners must be allowed to come back into the home within the next 2 business days to make sure we get the problem ASAP. We do not provide any refunds to ensure that our technicians are compensated for their time.

You do not! However if it’s your first time signing up for a KVADRA cleaning, initial introductions always help develop the personable relationship with your technicians and an opportunity to point out your highest priority areas.

That’s perfectly fine, you can provide us instructions and we work as quietly around you as possible. We would like to speak with you once the job is completed if possible to ensure that you are satisfied with your cleaning.

Your card on file will have a pre-authorization hold before your cleaning and you will see this on your statement as PENDING. You will be charged immediately after your cleaning is completed that day.

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It is rare that accidents happen but we are human and never claim to be perfect.  We promise to never hide it from you and we immediately fill out a damage report to document the incident and address it with you immediately to make it right. We will make every effort to make it right. We do recommend placing sentimental items and breakables in safe areas where they are not easily bumped but we understand that this is not always feasible.

We use gentle, eco-friendly cleaners such as Mrs. Meyers, Simple green, krud kutter, and our special household cleaner made with vinegar, baking soda, dawn, and essential oils. We never use bleach. The safety of our technicians and your family is our top priority!

We do make an effort to keep the same cleaners on every job but in the case of emergency or illness, another technician will be assigned with the same level of quality training.

Instantly! No hidden fees or charges. You can price your clean directly on our website https://www.kvadracleaning.com/book-online-cleaning-service/ or call us at 347-393-1372

If you are pleased with your cleaners work, you are always welcome to tip them to show appreciation, but it is not expected or required.

There are many variables that effect the length of time for your clean but we will provide you a rough idea as this is something we do not want you to worry about. Average time for a deep clean is 4-5 hours and recurring cleans average 2-3 hours. The number of technicians will depend on the size of the job and we tend to send 2-3 so that they can support each other and get out of your personal space as soon as possible.

This is to ensure that your spot is reserved to avoid any late payments so that our technicians are always compensated for their completed work. Your information is always secure and we promise to never give it out.

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