HOARDING Cleaning Service in NYC

For homes what is not cleaned a while.

$ 85 +tax

Revitalize overwhelmed spaces with our compassionate hoarding cleaning. We specialize in transforming cluttered homes into organized, clean havens. Trust us to bring order back to your living environment.

Let’s get real – if your living space has turned into a cluttered haven, with piled-up items, neglected areas, and a vibe that’s seen better days, a standard or deep clean won’t do the trick. Skip the basic or deep clean if your home is crying out for a hoarding cleanup. 

Notice: We hold the right to gracefully bow out if you’ve ordered a basic/deep clean for a place in need of hoarding cleanup. Not sure? No problem, just shoot us some pics. Hoarding cleaning is our superhero move for seriously cluttered spots. The rate is hourly, ballparking around $80 per cleaner per hour, and you might need more than one cleaner. Feel free to set a max time to keep the magic within your budget. 

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