Recurring Cleaning Service in NYC

20% off for weekly, 10% off for bi-weekly, and 5% off for monthly cleanings. Applies to second cleaning onward.

$ 88 +tax
$ 96 +tax
1 Bdr/wkly
$ 108 +tax
2 Bdrs/wkly
$ 124 +tax
3 BDR/wkly
Bi-weekly rates :   Studio: $99+tax | 1 Bdr: $108+tax |   2 Bdr: $122+tax | 3 Bdr: $140+tax
Monthly rates :   Studio: $105+tax | 1 Bdr: $114+tax |   2 Bdr: $128+tax | 3 Bdr: $148+tax

Weekly Cleaning Service

In a span of seven days, a lot can happen. For bustling homes and large families, a visit from our seasoned professional house cleaner is a necessity. Choose a day that aligns with your schedule, and leave the rest to us. We’re not just reliable; we’re flexible too. If plans shift by a day or two, or even a few hours, just inform us. Weekly cleaning is the go-to choice for families seeking regular, top-notch cleanliness.

Bi-weekly Cleaning Service

Every other week, enjoy the luxury of extra helping hands to maintain your home. A highly sought-after service, our bi-weekly cleaning adapts to your needs. Life changes, and so can your cleaning requirements. If you find yourself needing us more often, we’re ready to adjust with a smile.

Monthly Cleaning Service

Give your home a comprehensive cleaning boost once a month to prevent buildup. Ideal for families managing day-to-day tasks but requiring extra support for more substantial cleaning challenges. This service effectively addresses allergens, bacteria, and accumulated dust.
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